Meko Intelligent (Cambodia) Co., Ltd’s US$ 32 million light bulbs, electronics and electronic parts factory in northern Takeo province officially opened on February 20 2023.

Lieutenant General Hun Manet, Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) deputy commander-in-chief and Royal Cambodian Army (RCA) commander, hailed the new factory as a pride for the nation. H.E. said that in the 1980s and early 1990s, almost all consumer goods, including foodstuffs, such as beverages, were imported because Cambodia was not able to produce locally at the time.

“Cambodia is better able than before to make and install a wide range of products to fulfil domestic and international demand for things such as foodstuffs, garments, footwear, bags and suitcases, furniture, electrical appliances and equipment, bicycles, motorcycles and vehicles,” he said.

The Council for Development of Cambodia (CDC), in a February 2022 notice, affirmed that it had greenlit the project, which would be located in Veah Puoh village, Khvav commune, Samrong district and expected to generate new 1,828 jobs. H.E. Hun Maneth mentioned that the factory’s products are to be exported to the US and Canada, among other markets.

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